Thursday, June 16, 2011

Service Desk Plan

Continuing from my last post about investing in your Service Desk here is a Service Desk bullet plan. Take what you need from it.

Service Desk Plan:

Goal: “Act as a central point of contact and provide a customer interface for IT Services”

Provide a 1st class effective service, add value and be an asset to the business.

Operational Needs:

• Rota to cover hours of Service: Monday – Thursday 8am to 5pm, Friday 8am to 4:30pm
• Configured Service Management Tool
• CMDB and Asset Database
• Accurate and Updated Knowledge Base
• Clear Policies & Procedures
• Better Internal Communication between teams

Customer Service:

• Answering Phone takes priority over other jobs
• Pick up New Requests promptly
• Check & Respond to Customer Updates promptly
• Take Ownership of calls – Diagnose/Allocation/Escalation including Estates Power issues
• Resolved Calls – Follow Up Everyday
• Check and Action VoiceMail
• Provide help and customer focused support inline with SLAs and SLTs published on Intranet
• User Education on SLA’s, processes and Knowledge Base
• Manage customer and user expectations
• Positive Professional Attitude and Image (Dress Code)
• Clear Escalation processes

Monitor & Measure:

• SLT Reports/Regular KPI reviews
• Monitoring Tools on Wall – Electronic Dashboards for Telephone Stats/Network Connectivity
• Customer Surveys & Feedback
• Telephone Surveys for boarder baseline
• Call Reviews/Spot Checks/Mystery Shopper

Training & Development:

• Direction and Support from Management and the business
• Regular Meetings and Coaching 1 to 1 Sessions
• Customer Service Training for Team
• Modern Apprentice – Support/KPI
• Job Shadowing
• Performance Reviews/Meet Appraisal Targets
• Hard Drive/Online Training

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