Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Microsoft Windows 8 is Dead like the PC Desktop

Back in 2008 I saw Virtual Desktop in action and thought how wonderful it would be to jump on any PC in the world and connect to “my desktop”. The idea of a PC where all your software is installed seems irrelevant now, an old legacy idea.

An idea that is sold to us every year when we are told to upgrade our PC’s, upgrade our operating systems but downgrade our spending. Window Vista was not a great success and our desktop clients still remain on trusty old Windows XP.

Is there any need to migrate to Window 7 now? Should we drop the idea of desktop computing and move in to cloud computing? Running all the apps we need via the Internet in Software as a service (SaaS) environment. Now the PC is the Internet.

It would seem Microsoft missed a trick. Most software, database tools now run in a browser window. Providing your network is up and running then your software is accessible from anywhere.

Today people want to be “connected”. Socially connected to friends, family, entertainment and gaming. From a business point of view connected to customers, colleagues, business software and reporting tools.

• Imagine not having to install software any more it’s all installed once on the server.
• From any PC in the world with an Internet connection you can access your custom apps and data.
• No need buy high spec PCs or image them anymore unless you run CAD software or intense media/graphical applications.

No matter what your desktop and software strategy is, it all needs managing. You can’t simply copy and paste your operating system, software and data to the Cloud.

The traditional desktop may be a barrier but you know your data is on your network and safe. However if you are spending pallets of cash every year on buying desktops machines then Virtual Desktop/Cloud Strategy makes sense to me even if it’s running on your “own company cloud”.

If you don’t have that sort of cash then Google Apps for business may be a solution that avoids paying those high software license fees to Microsoft. Application Service Providers are the new “Microsoft”, soon the only software you’ll need to install locally is your browser client so you can work from the beach house and avoid that commute everyday.

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