Thursday, May 12, 2011

Hiring and Recruiting IT Services Staff

In management one of the most important decisions you make is during the recruitment process. The Staff represents the image, voice and perception of customer service so hiring the right people is essential for the business to run and improve.

Get the details of duties, responsibilities and ITIL process ownership in each job description. Include your company and department values to help set the expectations of the role and its purpose. Sell the role, your team and the organisation.

Keep the interview relaxed and informal to put the interviewee at ease and help them open up. Measure candidates’ against the job description desirable and essential skills/experience set. Ask the same set of open answers to each candidate and probe in depth based on their answers.

Look for core skills like team work, customer focus, personally responsibility, can they take ownership and have a service mindset. Do they pay attention to detail and are they able to cope with workloads and project pressure?

Look for “soft skills” like communication, listening not just the technology and problem solving skills. Will they fit in to the current team and blend in with the service culture. What benefits will they bring to the business?

Good talent is hard to find so once employed you’ll must to be look after people’s career and personal development. Empower them to grow, discuss they career goals and how you can increase their potential.

Provide a fun learning environment to reduce staff turnover and make them welcome. Your customer satisfaction and service levels depend on the people you hire. Great staff will provide great service so make sure you nurture and develop them.

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