Tuesday, February 8, 2011

FREE ITIL Movement - Continuous Service Improvement means moving to Open Source ITIL

ITIL feels like a club membership where you need to spend thousands to train, study and implement. By all means let the exam board charge me a small admin fee to maintain exam standards and quality but I should be able to have access to free ITIL material.

After all ITIL is a framework and set of considerations, not global law you must follow. So why not let me consider them for free and then I’ll decide for myself if it’s beneficial to spend the extra money on consultants, books, software, ITIL process maps, events, vendors or just browse the web community for real world guides and tips.

If ITIL is “best practise” (in theory) why not let colleges/universities teach it at least the foundation or primer level. Lots of other subjects teach theory so why leave IT Service Management theory out? When graduates finish studying and start work in the real world of IT employment it would be great if they knew the ITIL jargon and service management terminology the industry uses.

Let’s promote “Open Source ITIL” - developed by people for people to serve the customer. It would certainly make the subject of ITIL more accessible. If Continuous Service Improvement matters then let the people working in IT Service Management make ITIL V4 better in an open environment.

More freedom and license with ITIL will mean collective minds can develop better ideas and creativity for business benefit and service improvement. Not just for IT but for the Service Management industry in general like Human Resources, Estates and Facilities Departments.

Why keep inventing the wheel? Together as a community the implementation will be less painful and costly for all and the customer should experience the results.

I already own shares in most of the British high street banks so why not let me own a stake in ITIL too. Remember my British taxes paid for ITIL development in the first place.

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