Monday, January 10, 2011

To AD or not AD

Returning after the Christmas period I have a clear focus on what needs to be done over the next few months. However Active Directory Management has landed in my domain (AD joke) and no decisions have been made on the overall structure once the merger is complete. There are many processes and procedures that need creating and refining and AD is a full time job here. In addition to the extra network planning needed, we seem to be a little short of communication and decision on how AD will transfer from Networks to my teams.

Ideally what we need is a tool that can automate all AD admin such as Account Creation, Password Resets, Permissions and all the basic level stuff that impacts heavily on IT resources. I even have a solution in mind from past experience. A wonderful piece of software that would solve the problem, cut costs and make us more proactive overnight.

On the downside the cost is around £60,000 but with my contacts I could reduce the cost to around £40,000. With the “credit crush” and merger looks like it’s time to start writing a business case and upping our game plan. Unless the business wants me to be the most expensive Active Directory guy in the world! LOL

Once it’s nailed and people are trained I can regain focus on other things that generate unnecessary work for the business. By the end of the project the staff saving will be 25K per year plus any ROI from efficient savings.

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